California Education Loan Debt Attorney

California Education Loan Debt Attorney

Education Loan Debt Resolution Needs Experienced Counsel

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC will help you along with your personal figuratively speaking. These kind of loans need experienced counsel and there are no simple solutions. Try not to agree with the fear lenders can sell. You can’t just finish an application and also make it all better. Have the clarity, self- self- self- confidence, and control you’ll need by conversing with attorneys skilled within these forms of complex financial obligation.

Featured Case Outcomes:

  • TEST VERDICT– EDUCAP vs. Customer. EDUCAP hired Gaba law practice to sue our client on an educatonal loan and demanded 100% associated with amount that is total. The situation went along to attorney and trial William Campbell defended the situation. The judge ruled in support of the defendant/student. Student/Client will pay $0.00! (EDUCAP v. Client Monterey County Superior Court situation # 16CV0021XX)
  • A $260,076.83 Navient account settled for $67,000.00
  • Customer ended up being sued by nationwide Collegiate education loan Trust for $43,466.96. (mehr …)

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